So manly

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picstitch My friend Mathias Ringstrom sent me this today & it’s just too funny not to post up. There’s a whole lot more to this post if you want to follow the jump.

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Alpinestars Moto Campaign

November 6, 2013  |  Advertising, Motocross, We Do Work  |  No Comments

AStars Villipoto Ad Alpinestars pretty much locked me down for the whole summer and the results from our work with Alpinestars are finally starting to trickle out. First up was the Villopoto Tech 10 Ad from the Motocross campaign shown above. They also contracted me to style their moto catalog (some pieces of this can be seen on their website) as well as creating their Apparel ad campaign. As more comes out, we’ll update this post & post more but it’s exciting to see that this summer’s work is finally coming to see the light of day!

Vans 2013 Commercial

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerA little bit like the Jackass 2(?) intro but still pretty cool. Gotta love Steve Van Doren rolling out on the high top.

Did you hear about Koston?

This is good. Nice way to integrate humor into the spot by snowballing the standard “did you hear” type gossip that happens when someone like Eric Koston does what he does at a spot. Nice work.

Old Spice

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You’ve probably seen this but Old Spice is bringing it with their new ads. Everyone is scrambling to mimic Old Spice’s witty, humorous ads & success. A couple years ago, AXE & their “sex sells” ads owned the marketplace but Old Spice took a big risk betting that humor could win. It worked and now everyone is scrambling to mimic their humorous, witty ads.

It’s not hard to figure out why they’re doing so well. Ladies love humor. Moms, wives and sisters all love going to Target (count them male / female ratio next time you’re in target, let alone in the cosmetics area) and they’re the ones who are doing the vast majority of the deodorant buying. Anyone can sell with sex, but selling with humor takes talent.

EyeSea Polish Poster Collection

April 12, 2012  |  Advertising, Check this out  |  No Comments

Pretty great collection of Polish posters over on Eye Sea Posters. Most are film but there are some others in there, too (like the awesome circus one below). Check after the jump for a few favorites (or just check them out here)

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Great QR Code usage

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Scandanavian airlines launches “Couple up to Buckle up” QR campaign which required people to plan a trip together. Pretty creative.

Making of the DC Commercials

Pretty interesting Behind the Scenes look @ the making of the DC commercials. Pretty sure Chris Cole is the next wave of video games, in that he’s a living video game character.

Thanks AWSM


April 20, 2010  |  Advertising, Check this out  |  No Comments

Got to thinking about commercials you don’t mind watching recently and one that sticks out in my mind many, many years after it came out is Spike Jonze Levi’s Tainted Love spot. Amazing. Got another Spike vid after the jump if you’re interested.

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