2014 March Logo Madness – Champion

That’s it, that’s all. Fin.

Once again, the battles were close with JSLV & Hydro74 at each other’s throats all day long. And it stayed that way. One would go ahead by a vote, then the other would tie it. Then they’d both get a vote. Then another. This went on for hours until I decided to push the voting another 12 hrs. In the end, after thousands of votes, JSLV narrowly beat out Hydro74 to take the crown. Congratulations go out both of them, as well as the weekly category winner. Thank you to thousands of people who have voted on the brackets. I can’t express how grateful I am that you all enjoyed this & voted along all month.

2014 March Logo Madness – Snow Winner

SnowChampionCongratulations to Per Welinder and the crew at JSLV for taking the Snow Category title this year. Therew was some CLOSE battles all week with Willie McMillon’s Bluebird Wax battling them hard well into the finals.

Happy Friday the 13th

September 13, 2013  |  Check this out, Clothing  |  No Comments

13th SaleFriday the 13th in September is a perfect way to get ready for Halloween. To celebrate, there’s a sale over in the webshop shop.valhallaconquers.com, use the code “13″ for 13% off all weekend.

Valhalla x XFusion Shox Apparel

March 27, 2013  |  Bicycles, Check this out, Clothing, We Do Work  |  1 Comment

The little apparel line for XFusion Shox dropped a few days ago. I think you have to call to order them but they are available. The Ramones-inspired crest at the bottom is a patch (the round circle on the left chest of the hoodie next to it) and also available soon on some other products.

In addition to all the designs, we also came up with the ALL SIGNS POINT TO AWESOME tag line for them because, well, their products are awesome. Order some up by going to XFusion Shox & emailing / calling them or, better yet, but your bike shop to carry them!

Adidas F12

March 6, 2013  |  Check this out, Clothing, Skateboarding  |  4 Comments

Valhalla-Adidas-Shirts2Been working a lot with one of the best companies on earth, Adidas. There’s a slew of our designs on their shirts recently. A few of my favorite designs ever are included in the F12 season, in stores now. Up top is a Grant Brittain collabs with his legendary photo of the Del Mar Skate Ranch worn by Lem Villemin. Another favorite of mine is the black tee above called “Hustle Daily” with the Hills to the Hood tag line I made up for Adidas, a bear crossing the H in hills and the broken bottle making the T in the. Fun stuff. Check more after the jump.

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Shadow S-Crow Shirt

March 1, 2012  |  Bicycles, Clothing  |  No Comments

I love this design. Maybe because I did it, maybe because my name’s Scott, who knows…. either way, I have 3 of them… Apparently Shadow rider Ben Hucke does, too. Get yours here.

Valhalla “Bearded Viking” Shirts

February 20, 2012  |  Clothing, Random, We Do Work  |  No Comments

Got these a little while back but haven’t had a chance to get them up in the shop because of the crazy hustle recently. Enough of the excuses though, everyone that’s seen these shirts loves it. Super comfortable / great fitting Royal Blue Heather blank with a 1 color screen print on it, obviously of a bearded viking with a cool crow popping out of his beard. Get one here, $24 shipped across the US or $28 throughout the universe.

Awesome at the front door.

A whole lot of awesome showed up at the door today. I love it when any surprise package comes in but three in a day is like Christmas to me! GodMachine, Hydro74 & The Shadow Conspiracy all come through with some amazing. Check after the jump for details, stories & links.

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Outdoor Research Labels & Trims

May 5, 2011  |  Clothing, We Do Work  |  No Comments

Sometimes doing what we do, it seems like a lifetime passes between handing off the final files & the product releasing. A while back we did a label package for OR’s new “Sidecountry” line of outerwear which was released, with great excitement, to the public this past Fall.

Check after the jump if you want to see more of the trim package we did.

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Full Moon on Abbey Road shirt!

October 5, 2010  |  Check this out, Clothing, Product, We Do Work  |  No Comments

That’s right, our first foray into merchandise celebrates the greatest holiday ever, Halloween! Full Moon on Abbey Road is available for Men & Women, Ghosts & Ghouls in just about every size you can imagine. Printed on black ringspun / combed cotton (men’s / women’s) these are ready to go. Check out a design detail after the jump or click on the picture above to go to the store & get one!

There’s still time to get a shirt by Valhalloween!

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We Recommend – Upper Playground, 10 years of t’s

April 5, 2010  |  Check this out, Clothing, Recommended  |  1 Comment

Upper Playground - Ten Years of T-Shirt Graphics book
Awesome book this time around (again, if we do say so ourselves) for the book Upper Playground: Ten Years of T-Shirt Graphics. It’s a pretty comprehensive of the last 10 years of t-shirt graphics by the SF based Upper Playground and a very good compilation at that. Click on the pic up above or here to check out our mini-review.

The Shadow Drops

March 14, 2010  |  Check this out, Clothing, Product, We Do Work  |  No Comments

Our friends at Shadow dropped their Spring 2010 line the other day and for the 3rd season in a row, we’ve got a shirt in their collection. Check them at the Shadow Conspiracy or just follow the jump.

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