Your day’s about to get a lot better.

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Anybody knows that everybody finds ways to spend their Friday’s not working. Well, here’s a couple videos to bide your time until the clock strikes 5 o’clock.

Major Lazer – Original Don

The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance

Anatomy of a Mashup

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Pretty cool little visualization here showing how Cameron Adams split up 23 different Daft Punk songs to do make a new blend. Great if you like mashups or are interested in mixing, even better if you love Daft Punk!
Check it out

Making of the DC Commercials

Pretty interesting Behind the Scenes look @ the making of the DC commercials. Pretty sure Chris Cole is the next wave of video games, in that he’s a living video game character.

Thanks AWSM

Ford. We make hybrids too.

March 15, 2010  |  Check this out, Media  |  1 Comment

Pretty good (although somewhat sad for the SD family related to this story) skit on SNL this past Saturday. While I doubt that Ford had anything to do with the skit, this is a great example of viral marketing. I Googled “ford, we make hybrids too” and it seemed like it’s been posted all over in just a few hours, I can’t imagine how many there would be if anyone watched SNL anymore. Anyways, check it out here.

Los Logos 4

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Rolling through the bookstore today and came across a pleasant surprise. Picked up the new Los Logos 4 book (complete with fancy iridescent cover) and came across a couple logos that we did for our friends at HypeType Studio over in the UK a few years ago. Not a bad little Hello there while checking out a great book. Some good stuff in there, definitely worth checking out if not buying.

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Valhalla featured in “2009 Logo Trends”

June 4, 2009  |  Branding, Check this out, Media, We Do Work  |  No Comments


That’s right, we’re honored to be featured on for their “2009 Logo Trends” article, calling out an opart themed design we did for Adio Skateboards saying “Psychosis: Another new sort of fill is more psychedelic-crazy lines and patterns projected onto other shapes.”

Pretty exited about this one, the article is definitely worth a look if you’re interested in design.

Click Here to check out the whole article, there’s definitely some good stuff in there!

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T Shirt 360°

April 19, 2009  |  Media, We Do Work  |  No Comments


Turns out that our partners in crime, the UK’s HypeType Studio, submitted a few designs we did a few years back to a few different book companies. Always nice to have your work recognized, even if it is stuff you did 7 or 8 years back…

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