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Gallery 1988 has a pretty amazing show up based on some of the coolest product ever made, Garbage Pail Kids. Prints start around $25 & Originals are pretty inexpensive (until they’re gone). Super fun work.

More by Hydro74 & State of Shock Studios after the jump!

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Awesome at the front door.

A whole lot of awesome showed up at the door today. I love it when any surprise package comes in but three in a day is like Christmas to me! GodMachine, Hydro74 & The Shadow Conspiracy all come through with some amazing. Check after the jump for details, stories & links.

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These prints go to 11

July 25, 2011  |  Posters  |  No Comments

Busy with the hustle recently but it doesn’t mean awesome isn’t out there to find. Pop Chart Lab’s Periodic Table of Heavy Metals is pretty amazing. A table of 303 heavy metals–from AC/DC to Zyklon–charted according to genre in an edition of 1000 for $20.

Carmageddon awaits

July 15, 2011  |  Check this out, Posters, Skateboarding  |  No Comments

For anyone who hasn’t bolted out of the office yet, got a good one for your Friday with Steve Cabellero, Omar Hassan & Lizzie Armanto skating pools at night. I met Cab once, super nice guy. It’s no wonder why he’s so well respected & liked in the sport. Throw Miller in the mix & you pretty much have the Pool Dream Team. Interesting video. A bit more after the jump

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Ice & Snow Letterpress Coaster

May 26, 2011  |  Check this out, Posters, Product  |  1 Comment

These have been in the works forever. Our 4″ x 6″ Letterpress Printed Postcard Coaster. More photos after the jump.

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If it was only this easy…

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Sometimes while dreaming, I draw this quickly (and this well), just sometimes though. Really cool time-lapse video with Kevin Tong on his making of the Mogwai poster shown down below (which, of course, is sold out). If was only be as easy as he makes it look….

Thanks OMG Posters for the awesome link!

Doyald Young collabenefit poster

April 25, 2011  |  Check this out, Posters, Typography  |  No Comments

Saying Doyald Young was a master typographer is putting it lightly. He was on a whole different level. The poster above started as a gift for a he & Josh Higgins’ mutual friend. Unfortunately, Doyald passed away before the project was completed. In stepped Jessica Hische to finish the project for a Doyald Young type scholarship fund. Great work for a great cause with added in gigantic letterpress for additional amazingness.

Thanks to Grain Edit for the heads up!

Shepard’s Arctic print

September 13, 2010  |  Check this out, Posters  |  No Comments

Today’s apparently turning into Shepard Fairey Day over here at WDC (that’s We Design & Conquer, get it? ). We’re suckers for the snow, bears, anniversaries & awesome shading, so I guess it isn’t too surprising that it’s up here, is it?

Shepard – Cincinnati – HDR

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Looks like Shepard’s been getting busy in the non-mistake by the lake city in Ohio, Cincinnati. Saw this over at OMG Posters & couldn’t pass up posting it on here. All the murals he put up around the city in HDR. Nice of the Noble Visions crew to put this together for all non-Cincinnati folks to check out.
Click Here or on the image above to see all the images.

Shepard Fairey gets busy in Hillcrest

August 5, 2010  |  Check this out, Posters, Random  |  2 Comments

This may be old news to the super-Shepard or Hillcrest Regular crowd but I was down there the other day & noticed a gigantic wall of his on the side of the new(ish) Urban Outfitters on 5th. The thing is huge, like 120′ x 30′ huge. More inside

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So you need a typeface?

April 22, 2010  |  Check this out, Posters, Typography  |  No Comments

So You Need a Typeface
Pretty good work here by Julian Hansen. A crazy flow chart of how to find a typeface. Doing an infographic and you cried during Terminator? He’s got you covered. Don’t like the type on highways and you’re ok if it’s Swiss? Helvetica’s your answer. Pretty cool, check after the jump for details and a full view.

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ABCs of Branding.

April 19, 2010  |  Branding, Check this out, Posters  |  No Comments

Saw this the other day and thought I’d post it up on here. ABCs of branding is done by Jason Dean out of Orlando. The poster is embossed & foil stamped featuring, well, the abc’s of branding. Of interesting note is that there’s only 25 logos and yet the alphabet is 26 letters. Either way, great job. Check them out at The Best Part’s blog & shop. Or just check out the details after the jump.

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