Happy Twerks-Giving

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Bob Marley x Lee Scratch Perry x Z-Trip

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Pretty cool. Check it out.

Twiz the Season

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Valhalla-Twiz-The-SeasonWe tell ourselves that our hard work is what keeps our clients happy but know holiday gifts like this don’t hurt.


Happy High Five Day

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Since we’re general fans of tomfoolery, today we’ll take advantage of High Five Day, as should you.

Happy Birthday Mies

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Wonder why the Google logo is a weird looking building today? Click and you’ll see it’s in celebration of Mies van der Rohe’s birthday on March 27, 1886.

Mies’ work as a designer & architect of awesome included the Barcelona Pavilion (pictured top) & Chair, which no modern house or office is complete without.

Happy Birthday Mies, thanks for the awesome.

Read about Mies:
Popular Architects Profile
Mies’ Wikipedia
Design Boom

Valhalla “Bearded Viking” Shirts

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Got these a little while back but haven’t had a chance to get them up in the shop because of the crazy hustle recently. Enough of the excuses though, everyone that’s seen these shirts loves it. Super comfortable / great fitting Royal Blue Heather blank with a 1 color screen print on it, obviously of a bearded viking with a cool crow popping out of his beard. Get one here, $24 shipped across the US or $28 throughout the universe.


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Cubed gears
There’s another crazy one after the jump

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Available anywhere you’d find milk

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Happy Valentines Day

Today got a little bit gloomier

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Sad day. Thanks for the awesomeness, Steve. Steve Jobs 1955-2011

If only Rube was around to see all this

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If only Rube Goldberg was around to see this & so many other contraptions that his drawings inspired. Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY
Thanks, Todd

Random Jibber-Jabber

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Remember Mr T? He was (is, he’s not dead) awesome. I remember reading that for the A Team, it took 25 minutes to put on all his chains that they made him a kit with a single clasp in the back to save time. That’s just as random as this post….

Pretty great steampunk style here from HENRY WALTZ’s – VISUAL TEASER

This is amazing. Trollbäck + Company’s +loop app that “splits the screen into a grid of small video players that record and play back motion or still images.” +loop App

More awesomeness after the jump!

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Not another random post.

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Oh hell no. Love snakes, super cool creatures. But see how these have diamond shaped heads? That means they’re not nice snakes. Pretty amazing collection of snake photos over this way.

Great font called Crescendo by Canadatype, featured in this post over on Quipsologies
More snake photos & fun after the jump!

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