I’ve been everywhere

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Rad project about one of my favorite songs ever. Check after the jump for a few more. The Everywhere Project by Adrian Walsh

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Valhalla Bearded Viking Shirt

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How can we not recommend this shirt? Big viking illustration? Check. Royal Blue Heather blank? Check. Super Cozy? Check. Crow popping out of the beard? Check! Get one here, for $24 shipped to the US, $28 intergalactically.

DJ P “Hell on Wheels II”

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I don’t think it’s hard to guess that we love halloween here at Valhalla. It’s safe to say it’s, by far, our favorite holiday. With that context set, DJ P’s “Hell on Wheels” CD mix series is one of my favorite parts about halloween. Kind of like a halloween soundtrack if you will. Check out a little interview about them with DJ P here.

A couple places to get it (worth every penny):
DJ P’s site or 360 Vinyl”

Helvetica Film

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The film goes in depth on the history of the font, from it’s origins as an “updated Akzidenz Grotesk” to it’s place today. Featuring interviews with a just about every big name you can think of in the design world; Massimo Vignelli, David Carson, Lars Müller, Neville Brody & Stefan Sagmeister, amonst others.

Great movie for anyone who’s even slightly interested in type. I love helvetica & didn’t even realize the extent of it’s grasp on culture. The range of it’s usage is amazing, the movie goes into good detail with how this came about & it’s resurgence after grunge period with a whole new cast of designers (myself included).

Today’s We Recommend is Helvetica: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit.
Very interesting movie which can be streamed on Netflix (how I watched it, just search). Well worth the 90 minutes or whatever it is if you’re interested in pop culture, whether or not you’re a designer.
Check out the film’s site Helvetica: A Documentary Film

Valhalla x ArtsProjekt x Speck

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Just got a few of of our new Valhalla x ArtsProjekt x Speck iPhone 4 cases in, available in our shop for $27 shipped! Fits Verizon / AT&T phones. We have both Full Moon on Abbey Road and Valhalla Battle Shield designs available.

We only have the 4′s in the shop, if you have a 3GS – you can get one from our AP Store

Chock full of awesome!

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Put together a lookbook of our most current work which is available for download. 41 pages, chock full of case studies, branding, advertising & consumer goods.

Download the 6.5mb PDF for freeee! Valhalla Lookbook

Full Moon on Abbey Road shirt

October 13, 2010  |  Recommended  |  1 Comment

That’s right, our first foray into merchandise celebrates the greatest holiday ever, Halloween! Full Moon on Abbey Road is available for Men & Women, Ghosts & Ghouls in just about every size you can imagine. Printed on black ringspun / combed cotton (men’s / women’s) these are ready to go. Check out a design detail after the jump or click on the picture above to go to the store & get one!

The store’s up & running!

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Book of the Month

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We finally got up our book of the month for June…. in mid-July! Yep, that’s right. We’re sure that everyone’s been hanging on the edge of their seats for the past month or 6 weeks waiting for us to post it up, well the wait’s over! This one’s been worth the weight though. The Whimsical Works of David Weidman and some serious ones, too is an amazing book. Check out more here!

Whimsical Works of David Weidman

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Up for the book of the month this month is a winner by David Weidman called The Whimsical Works of David Weidman and also some Serious Ones. Mr Weidman has one of the best styles I’ve ever seen & this book is amazing. Every page turn has more & more to astonish.

The man at work…

A small collection of the awesomeness.

These guys look ready to rumble!

Can’t go wrong with elephants in my book and these are some of the best I’ve seen!

When a guy makes vegetables look amazing, you know he’s got something special.

Weidman has multiple prints available on his website, click on one of the pictures above to go to his site.

Here’s the man again. I hope I’m like him when I’m his age. Making great prints & having an amazingly badass rooster above my name. This book’s $23 on Amazon right now and it’s really quite amazing. If you like Charley Harper’s work (what, you haven’t heard of him?!?), you’ll like David’s as well. It’s a great book featuring an amazing artist. If you want to rear more about David, check out this article in Swindle Magazine.

Check out The Whimsical Works of David Weidman on Amazon

Logo by Michael Evamy

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Coming around this month for our Book of the Month series is Logo by Michael Evamy. It’s quite possibly the most complete logo collection / reference book ever produced. It’s as thick as a dictionary and chock full of every remarkable logo from the thinkable past. The cover’s not necessarily thick and there’s no fancy treatments on it, because it doesn’t need it. We’ll just show a few examples from the book because it could easily turn into a 300 photo affair which wouldn’t even scratch the surface. Check it out the next time you’re at the bookstore and you’ll find it hard to put down.


The photos from the book could literally go on forever. There’s so many amazing logos and their stories in this book, it’s ridiculous and worth every penny.

Check out Logo width=

We Recommend – Logo by Michael Evamy

Logo Book
Book of the Month time again. This time around, it’s an amazing number by Michael Evamy, simply called Logo. It’s as thick as a dictionary and has just about every good logo you can imagine. Check out our mini review here.

We Recommend – Upper Playground, 10 years of t’s

April 5, 2010  |  Check this out, Clothing, Recommended  |  1 Comment

Upper Playground - Ten Years of T-Shirt Graphics book
Awesome book this time around (again, if we do say so ourselves) for the book Upper Playground: Ten Years of T-Shirt Graphics. It’s a pretty comprehensive of the last 10 years of t-shirt graphics by the SF based Upper Playground and a very good compilation at that. Click on the pic up above or here to check out our mini-review.