Cop tries to kill skateboarders

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I totally appreciate what cops do day in & day out but this is absurd, he could have killed these guys.

2014 March Logo Madness – Champion

That’s it, that’s all. Fin.

Once again, the battles were close with JSLV & Hydro74 at each other’s throats all day long. And it stayed that way. One would go ahead by a vote, then the other would tie it. Then they’d both get a vote. Then another. This went on for hours until I decided to push the voting another 12 hrs. In the end, after thousands of votes, JSLV narrowly beat out Hydro74 to take the crown. Congratulations go out both of them, as well as the weekly category winner. Thank you to thousands of people who have voted on the brackets. I can’t express how grateful I am that you all enjoyed this & voted along all month.

Absolutely Ridiculous

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Ben Raybourn skates better in real life than most people do in video games. Wow.
Thanks AWSM

This is absurd

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Gotta love skateboarding, the consequences if this went bad are incredible.

Agenda was on the Agenda

January 8, 2014  |  Check this out, Events, Skateboarding  |  2 Comments

IMG_4399Agenda Long Beach was on the agenda today. Drove up the 5 to check out the latest stuff, check my work at a few different booths, see friends & clients. Follow the jump if you’d like to see more.

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OS X Del Mar

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Valhalla-OSX-Del-MarSeriously, why not?

McCrankin’ Canaduh

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Rick McCrank is one of the raddest humans on earth. Thanks AWSM

World Industries Black Light Series

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valhalla-worldindustries-blackligthtValhalla’s latest series for World Industries released recently. The Black Light series is done in full fluorescent inks with a glow in the dark ink over the top. The images above show the daytime graphic to the right and the “night time” graphic to the right. Pretty stoked on these, I have my sample set on the way & can’t wait to get them. Available at your local skateshop now!

So, this is it

So, this is it, we’ve reached The Finals. Thousands of votes cast and we’re down to two logos. Both are icons in the industry. 90s upstart, Volcom with the Volcom Stone vs 60s originator, Vans’ and their “Off the Wall” Skateboard. Round 5 was another close one. Both Powell & Burton had the early lead, Vans overtook Burton midweek and Volcom had a late day surge on Friday to overtake Powell by a few votes. This one’s for all the marbles and the illustrious World Champion of the World / best logo in action sports title.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 12.28.07 AM

Head on over and vote for the World Champion of the World in the Finals of our March Logo Madness logo competition.