Alpinestars Moto Campaign

November 6, 2013  |  Advertising, Motocross, We Do Work  |  No Comments

AStars Villipoto Ad Alpinestars pretty much locked me down for the whole summer and the results from our work with Alpinestars are finally starting to trickle out. First up was the Villopoto Tech 10 Ad from the Motocross campaign shown above. They also contracted me to style their moto catalog (some pieces of this can be seen on their website) as well as creating their Apparel ad campaign. As more comes out, we’ll update this post & post more but it’s exciting to see that this summer’s work is finally coming to see the light of day!

HRE Wheels App

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App on iPadBeen keeping this under wraps for a couple months. Helped out the crew at HRE Wheels with their new Smartphone / Tablet App. Pretty rad. Can’t wait to play with it at SEMA when we roll up there tomorrow. For more info or to download it, check out the HRE Blog

LA Times x HRE

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Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 5.16.43 PMOur client HRE Wheels (who also happens to make the best automotive wheels on earth, we can’t vouch for other planets) has a little gallery up on LA Times. Nothing major but it’s a little behind-the-scenes look at how their wheels are made, mostly from scratch in their Vista manufacturing plant. Check it out Made in California: HRE Performance Wheels

Valhalla x XFusion Shox Apparel

March 27, 2013  |  Bicycles, Check this out, Clothing, We Do Work  |  1 Comment

The little apparel line for XFusion Shox dropped a few days ago. I think you have to call to order them but they are available. The Ramones-inspired crest at the bottom is a patch (the round circle on the left chest of the hoodie next to it) and also available soon on some other products.

In addition to all the designs, we also came up with the ALL SIGNS POINT TO AWESOME tag line for them because, well, their products are awesome. Order some up by going to XFusion Shox & emailing / calling them or, better yet, but your bike shop to carry them!

World Industries Graphics

valhalla-worldindustries-manscapingvalhalla-worldindustries-crestsA couple of the series we did for World Industries are out in shops now. The top one is called the “Manscaping” and the lower one is the “Rider Crests”. Check after the jump for a little backstory on each series & how they came about.

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ONE Industries Mammoth report

July 11, 2012  |  Check this out, Events, We Do Work  |  No Comments

Got a few photos up in ONE Industries Mammoth Motocross race report. Sleeter, Hoeft, Miller, Falk & a nice Panoramic of the race, check ‘em out at the links below.

ONE Industries Mammoth Race Report ONE Mammoth Flickr Set

Valhalla “Bearded Viking” Shirts

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Got these a little while back but haven’t had a chance to get them up in the shop because of the crazy hustle recently. Enough of the excuses though, everyone that’s seen these shirts loves it. Super comfortable / great fitting Royal Blue Heather blank with a 1 color screen print on it, obviously of a bearded viking with a cool crow popping out of his beard. Get one here, $24 shipped across the US or $28 throughout the universe.

These should be on my wall by now.

September 8, 2011  |  Check this out, Skateboarding, We Do Work  |  2 Comments

A few months back I got a call from the guys at Plan B, wanting a mini-series for the team based on my “Ice & Snow” Viking. 4 boards, one each for Ryan Sheckler, PJ Ladd, Torey Pudwill and Paul Rodriguez. Check after the jump for the story & larger / more detailed images with the glow in the dark hit exposed.

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OR Winter 2012

September 7, 2011  |  Check this out, We Do Work  |  3 Comments

As usual, I’ve had to keep these under wraps for some time. A bunch of beanies / facemask designs for Outdoor Research last summer which recently launched so we can finally blab about them. Check them out or grab one on their site or after the jump!

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Nixon Space Jellies

August 18, 2011  |  Check this out, We Do Work  |  2 Comments

Just realized I never really put this up on my site / blog. My piece “Space Jellies” which I did for Nixon a couple years back. Check inside for the full piece, a bit of a story about it & most of the products they put it on.

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Long Island Iced Ts

August 18, 2011  |  We Do Work  |  No Comments

Ok, so we’ve never actually even been to Long Island but the word play was too fun not to use. Collection of our shirts, most you’ve probably seen before & 1 that’s printing soon. Check inside for the full collection, up above is just a preview.

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Awesome at the front door.

A whole lot of awesome showed up at the door today. I love it when any surprise package comes in but three in a day is like Christmas to me! GodMachine, Hydro74 & The Shadow Conspiracy all come through with some amazing. Check after the jump for details, stories & links.

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