March Logo Madness

That’s it, that’s all. Fin.

Once again, the battles were close with JSLV & Hydro74 at each other’s throats all day long. And it stayed that way. One would go ahead by a vote, then the other would tie it. Then they’d both get a vote. Then another. This went on for hours until I decided to push the voting another 12 hrs. In the end, after thousands of votes, JSLV narrowly beat out Hydro74 to take the crown. Congratulations go out both of them, as well as the weekly category winner. Thank you to thousands of people who have voted on the brackets. I can’t express how grateful I am that you all enjoyed this & voted along all month.

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The weekly brackets went down like this

Print Thalia-Champion
Week 1 – March 3-9 – Surfing (Winner: Thalia Surf Shop

March-Logo-Madness-2014-Skate-Champion Indy-Champion
Week 2 – March 10-16 – Skateboarding (Winner: Independent Trucks – by ONE vote)

March-Logo-Madness-2014-Snow-Championships SnowChampion
Week 3 – March 17-23 – Snowboarding (Winner: JSLV)

March-Logo-Madness-2014-Lifestyle-Champ LifestyleChampion
Week 4 – March 24-30 – Lifestyle (Winner: Hydro74)

Week 5 – March 31 – Grand Royal Winner Take All Final winner: JSLV by ONE vote.
The Battle Royale Grand Finale was a four-way battle between the weekly category winners:
Thalia Surf Shop, Independent Trucks, JSLV & Hydro74.



2013ChampionshipsSee how the bracket battles went down last year & how Volcom came home with the title!


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