Classic soda packaging

August 19, 2010  |  Check this out, Packaging

A while back, we did a post on vintage packaging (here). Looking around on the treasure trove known as Lovely Package today while doing some research, we came across some more jewels from yesteryear. Follow after the jump if you want to see more!

Pretty cool stuff here. Wonder what happened to Hy-Vee. Was it a random brand or was it like 7up sized? What about Sprite, never knew it was not only good but also Tart & Tingling, huh? The Mtn Dew cans are super good, they have a “throwback series of them in stores right now. Along those lines, Pepsi doesn’t do it for me…. I love the main Pepsi can but the Diet Pepsi, not so much. (They also have a throwback of those in stores right now.)

Here’s a link to the post on Lovely Package.

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