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Cubed gears
There’s another crazy one after the jump

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I love old cars.

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New cars can be ok, even pretty nice but, for the most part, they’re all standard overproduced crap. This is where it’s at, The Derelicts from eGarage.

Available anywhere you’d find milk

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Happy Valentines Day

House Rules article on The Scout

February 6, 2012  |  Check this out, Typography  |  No Comments

Check out this interesting little article on one of the best typographers out there right now, Andy Cruz of House Industries.

Saul Bass’ Bell System Pitch

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Video prepared by another branding genius, Saul Bass, for bell systems. It’s a bit long with the first half being basic identity design stuff & the second half (around 13 minutes) being the pitch itself.
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Herb Lubalin’s PBS Logo

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A genius talks about a classic logo.
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A 5-year-old’s logo reviews

January 30, 2012  |  Branding, Check this out  |  No Comments

Adam Ladd asked his 5-year-old daughter what she thought of a bunch of logos. Her comments are pretty interesting & it’s also scary how many she knows.

Great QR Code usage

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Scandanavian airlines launches “Couple up to Buckle up” QR campaign which required people to plan a trip together. Pretty creative.

Man this looks fun.

January 17, 2012  |  Check this out, Snowboarding  |  No Comments

Travis basically made a “north shore” snowboard run. Thankfully they chose to do it in the only area in America with snow this season.

Anaheim 1 Supercross

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The start of the 2012 supercross seasons started this past weekend in Anaheim. It’s a lot like a fun, one-day, trade show. This year was no different, meeting clients, seeing friends & taking in some racing. Check after the jump for more photos!

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Pen & Ink Hustle a la Hydro74

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Some pen & ink hustle from our friend Joshua Smith AKA Hydro 74.

Eva Zeisel

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Sad news in the design world to start the new year, Eva Zeisel passed away last week at the age of 105. Most everyone has seen / admired some of her work sometime in their life. She has quite a story & worked continuously, most recently releasing some amazing salt & paper shakers at the spry age of 103. Read a bit more after the jump.

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