Your day’s about to get a lot better.

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Anybody knows that everybody finds ways to spend their Friday’s not working. Well, here’s a couple videos to bide your time until the clock strikes 5 o’clock.

Major Lazer – Original Don

The Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance

Long haul to Denver

February 6, 2014  |  Check this out, Events, Skiing, Snowboarding  |  1 Comment

IMG_4565Made the annual trek out to Denver for the SIA / Snowsports show. Always a good time seeing old friends, checking my work & hopefully getting my shred on. This year it was actually winter like & the snow was amazing for the demo days. Like powder days amazing. Good times. Check after the jump for more photos of the shenanigans…

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This is absurd

January 17, 2014  |  Check this out, Skateboarding  |  1 Comment

Gotta love skateboarding, the consequences if this went bad are incredible.

Agenda was on the Agenda

January 8, 2014  |  Check this out, Events, Skateboarding  |  2 Comments

IMG_4399Agenda Long Beach was on the agenda today. Drove up the 5 to check out the latest stuff, check my work at a few different booths, see friends & clients. Follow the jump if you’d like to see more.

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Happy Twerks-Giving

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Alpinestars Moto Campaign

November 6, 2013  |  Advertising, Motocross, We Do Work  |  No Comments

AStars Villipoto Ad Alpinestars pretty much locked me down for the whole summer and the results from our work with Alpinestars are finally starting to trickle out. First up was the Villopoto Tech 10 Ad from the Motocross campaign shown above. They also contracted me to style their moto catalog (some pieces of this can be seen on their website) as well as creating their Apparel ad campaign. As more comes out, we’ll update this post & post more but it’s exciting to see that this summer’s work is finally coming to see the light of day!

HRE Wheels App

November 6, 2013  |  Check this out, We Do Work  |  No Comments

App on iPadBeen keeping this under wraps for a couple months. Helped out the crew at HRE Wheels with their new Smartphone / Tablet App. Pretty rad. Can’t wait to play with it at SEMA when we roll up there tomorrow. For more info or to download it, check out the HRE Blog

Happy Friday the 13th

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13th SaleFriday the 13th in September is a perfect way to get ready for Halloween. To celebrate, there’s a sale over in the webshop, use the code “13″ for 13% off all weekend.

Duck Sauce / It’s You

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With a name like Duck Sauce, they had a lot to live up to for the video but I think they nailed it. Favorite song at the moment.

Mammoth MX 2013

July 23, 2013  |  Check this out, Motocross, Photography  |  2 Comments

IMG_4241We were up in Valhalla Mammoth last month for the Mammoth Motocross to ride mx, DH mountain bikes and hang out with friends (like that needed to be said). Of course, the Canon was in tow so we shot photos, photos and more photos. Feel free to instagram these out for personal use, just please photo credit @valhallascott – If a brand would like to use one or you’d like a copy for personal use, let me know. I have much larger files & am easy to work with. Loads more after the jump…

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Bluebird Wax Home Movies

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Known Willie from Bluebird a long, long, long, long time. Rad dude. I’m surprised he could make something like this so fun to watch because he’s always so serious, as many people who live in Jackson, WY usually are #sarcasm

Compendium of Sneakers

July 10, 2013  |  Check this out, Product  |  1 Comment

1672982-inline-popchartlab-p-sneakers-highresPretty rad article over on Fast Company about the history of sneaker design. Pretty cool, click to open a larger file.