Stoked to be in Stoked Sessions LA

May 4, 2009  |  Events, We Do Work  |  No Comments


Over the weekend we were part of a group show at Upper Playground in Downtown LA. Stoked Mentoring curated a slew of artists from within action sports / graffiti & street art to put on one hell of a show and raise a bunch of cash & awareness for their cause. We broke out the acrylics and masking tape to create an opart themed piece which had a color combo that would give Homer Simpson a seizure!

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T Shirt 360°

April 19, 2009  |  Media, We Do Work  |  No Comments


Turns out that our partners in crime, the UK’s HypeType Studio, submitted a few designs we did a few years back to a few different book companies. Always nice to have your work recognized, even if it is stuff you did 7 or 8 years back…

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