And the winner is

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ChampionVolcom takes the cake in our inaugural Logo World Championship of the World. After a couple close rounds when battling Quiksilver & Powell Peralta, Volcom rolled through the final taking 78.3% of the vote in it’s battle vs Vans.

We’d like to thank everyone who visited the site & voted in the competition. We’ve got more bracket battles we’re working on for the future so follow us on Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date!

March-Logo-Madness-2013-ChampionHere’s how it all broke down.

So, this is it

So, this is it, we’ve reached The Finals. Thousands of votes cast and we’re down to two logos. Both are icons in the industry. 90s upstart, Volcom with the Volcom Stone vs 60s originator, Vans’ and their “Off the Wall” Skateboard. Round 5 was another close one. Both Powell & Burton had the early lead, Vans overtook Burton midweek and Volcom had a late day surge on Friday to overtake Powell by a few votes. This one’s for all the marbles and the illustrious World Champion of the World / best logo in action sports title.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 12.28.07 AM

Head on over and vote for the World Champion of the World in the Finals of our March Logo Madness logo competition.

Yes, Please

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Daft-Punk-Random-Access-MemoriesNote: Valhalla offices will be closed May 21st.

Eero has your back SALE

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Eero-Discount-Insta2Did this up for our client, iON yesterday. 25% off POV cameras from iON for the next couple weeks. Been playing around with a couple of them, they work pretty good. The app lets you check your shooting angle before filming. Use the code EERO (all caps) – iON Camera – EERO has your back sale

Vans 2013 Commercial

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video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerA little bit like the Jackass 2(?) intro but still pretty cool. Gotta love Steve Van Doren rolling out on the high top.

Valhalla x XFusion Shox Apparel

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The little apparel line for XFusion Shox dropped a few days ago. I think you have to call to order them but they are available. The Ramones-inspired crest at the bottom is a patch (the round circle on the left chest of the hoodie next to it) and also available soon on some other products.

In addition to all the designs, we also came up with the ALL SIGNS POINT TO AWESOME tag line for them because, well, their products are awesome. Order some up by going to XFusion Shox & emailing / calling them or, better yet, but your bike shop to carry them!

Made in California

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Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 3.09.15 PMWrapped up a Made in California logo a couple weeks ago for Cosmetix West, a private label skincare manufacturer based in LA. Pretty excited about how it turned out. They’ve got it up on the front page of their newly-redesigned website as well.

Cosmetix West front page

Did you hear about Koston?

This is good. Nice way to integrate humor into the spot by snowballing the standard “did you hear” type gossip that happens when someone like Eric Koston does what he does at a spot. Nice work.

Ryan Sher curved wallride

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Whether you’re into BMX or not, you have to admit that Subrosa’s Ryan Sher putting physics to work on this curved wallride down 16ish stairs is pretty rad.