Willy Santos’ top five

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The pride of Mira Mesa, Willy Santos spits of his top five – errr three favorite skate spots in SD
thanks to The Hundreds for the quick clip

He should…

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Ayumo Hirano should brush up on his english, he’s going to have a lot of interviews at the Olympics next year.

Old Spice

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You’ve probably seen this but Old Spice is bringing it with their new ads. Everyone is scrambling to mimic Old Spice’s witty, humorous ads & success. A couple years ago, AXE & their “sex sells” ads owned the marketplace but Old Spice took a big risk betting that humor could win. It worked and now everyone is scrambling to mimic their humorous, witty ads.

It’s not hard to figure out why they’re doing so well. Ladies love humor. Moms, wives and sisters all love going to Target (count them male / female ratio next time you’re in target, let alone in the cosmetics area) and they’re the ones who are doing the vast majority of the deodorant buying. Anyone can sell with sex, but selling with humor takes talent.

Little Caesars

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One of the best commercials ever. In the 90s Little Caesars had some of the best commercials going. Everyone knew & loved them, bringing tons people into their restaurants. They were on top when for some unknown reason they decided to drop the great commercials, allowing Pizza Hut & Dominos took charge while their brand dropped off the map. They’ve started to come back around with some decent spots recently but they’re nowhere near the gold they were producing back then.

Mt Baker Banked Slalom

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Ride along will you? This looks too fun, I’d really like to do it one day.


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Our friend Jose down at Shilo just directed this video for DC Shoes featuring Robbie Maddison at the airplane graveyard. Pretty good way to waste 10 mins of your day.

Rocking Robots

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valhalla-instagramThat’s right, we finally got on the ball & signed up for Instagram. Follow for a portal into the madness – @valhallaconquers, WRLD pro @andrewcannon666 approves.

Jack whiskey barrel drum

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Super rad drum made from Jack Daniel’s barrels for the Jack & Zac series.

Sent in by Daran Brossard

Twiz the Season

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Valhalla-Twiz-The-SeasonWe tell ourselves that our hard work is what keeps our clients happy but know holiday gifts like this don’t hurt.


Does it get better than this?

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We Think not.

Tokyo’s Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall erected their awesome Godzilla Christmas Tree years ago. Ten years on we’ve gotta think someone out there has been similarly creative. Thanks Core77