Hydro74 Font Sale

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Our friend Josh AKA HYDRO7 is having a blowout sale to fund some nice beer for the apocalypse. $3 a piece for a limited time! This is a ridiculous deal, snatch ‘em up while you can!!!

Legacy of Defeat – HYDRO74 Font Sale

Legacy of Defeat

Grant Brittain slideshow @ UNIV

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Grant is the original Skate Photographer and one of the nicest guys we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing / working with. Going to do everything in our power to be here. Should be super rad.

“Grant will be doing an old-time skateboarding slideshow from 7 to 9pm. Featuring narration as well as Q + A. Space is limited, so get there early. The $10 entry goes to the Encinitas Community Resource Center and we will have drinks and popcorn. . . . “This is how we used to show our photos back in the day before the friggin Web and photo exhibits every other weekend,” says Grant. “There’s nothing like a good old fashion slideshow in a cold garage.”

The Garage at UNIV is located at 1053 South Coast Highway 101, in Encinitas, California. For more information, call (760) 942-UNIV or visit www.univ-shop.com

Thanks Boardistan

Rube Goldberg on wheels

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Jack Daniels – White Rabbit

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This packaging makes me want to go out & track some of it down. Great stuff. Check after the jump for more

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Skatepark Build Time Lapse

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Pretty interesting time lapse on the Woodward at Tahoe build.

Check out that avi way out there

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Oh wait.

Tonight Tonight Tonight

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The reasons to be in NYC for this Halloween weekend just bumped up significantly. Well, at least if you’re a design nerd. The Great Hall at Cooper Union will be having a Then & Now Symposium on Herb Lubalin tonight, Friday Oct 26th & tomorrow Saturday Oct 27th. For more info, check out here.

File under “Old News”

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Atiba Jefferson is an amazing photographer. Worked with / hung out with he & Ako a really long time ago, they were both really nice guys.

Road Trip!

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Surprised nobody tried to shuttlejack it while it was going through the hood. From Givot

Plan B Retrospective.

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Plan B is a huge reason skateboarding has got to the point it has today. It was my first graphic design job and I’m proud to have worked with them. Can’t wait to see more of these.

This could be interesting

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Red Bull Rampage

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The Red Bull Rampage went down last weekend. Backcountry snowboarding on a bike wouldn’t be a bad comparison in our eyes, check out some more of the action after the jump & see if you agree.

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