The Chocolate Logo

April 20, 2010  |  Logo Rants

We know we’ve neglected the Logo R&R section for too long here. Don’t think there’s not a slew of both great & wretched logos out there to comment on. Next up, we’re going to bring it back home a bit – to an iconic piece of skateboarding today, the Chocolate logo by Evan Hecox. Done is his signature style, it’s instantly recognizable as his work. For those that don’t know, Chocolate is a premier skate company out of the same house as Girl Skateboards. Headed up by Andy Jenkins (who did the previous cursive version below), the Art Dump is legendary around both the art & skateboarding worlds for creating some of the best skate graphics on earth. Evan did the “Big Chunk” logo in 1997 for them and pretty much opened the floodgates in action sports for other brands script logos, the most notable of which is Natas Kaupas’ much copied Quiksilver script logo shown below.

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